AC Milan 1 King unhappy: the people in the Japanese team did not do this to me

Relationship between AC Milan striker Keisuke Honda of Japan is deteriorating with the club after his problems and club coach Michal building fired, and the club has taken the initiative to apply for winter to leave the team. Recently he was in Milan for their status quo expressed dissatisfaction, saying that the Rossoneri do not give a chance to compete, may not be so in the Japanese national team.

Keisuke Honda is currently training with the national team, and played along with the Japan 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Asia. In the 3-0 win over Singapore in the game, Honda also scored a goal. However, since AC Milan in the summer for a new coach since Mihajlovic, Honda midfield position gradually replaced by Bonaventura et al, published together with fierce rhetoric, he has become a marginal figure in Milan .

In an interview with "Gazzetta dello Sport" interview he expresses his dissatisfaction: "Now the situation is not very good for me, so many games have been spent on the bench, which was previously never happened before. I now know the feeling of being excluded from what, but fortunately, my place in the national team is strong, this is different. "

This season, the Honda a total of only 4 times the starting lineup, which in Seedorf and Inzaghi contrast at any time. Japan striker in the summer when the window with the Premier League club had spread over the sex scandal, if AC Milan can release, Honda is likely to switch to the Premier League in the winter West Ham United.

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