Spanish football wonders! Male fans with a dildo attack female referee

Wonderful every year, this year is no exception. In Spain the football field, took place against sexual harassment of female referees together. According to the Spanish EFE news agency reported, in the Second Division of the Andalusian region occurred on Sunday in a shocking scene, Elvis right right 加维亚 match, an audience into the stadium, directly out their genitals, and tried to attack the game with the female assistant referee. A similar thing unheard of in Spanish football in world football is also very rare.

Match referee Jesús Rodriguez recorded the incident in the referee reports. He wrote: "Match the first 80 minutes, a man at the scene to watch the game into the stadium, directly One assistant referee ran away, he tried to hit the genitals with your hands assistant referee, after he has it took. "

According to the report narrative referee, the assistant referee beaten a female referee from Granada. It is reported that the intruder is not a game either team's fans, because the referee and the assistant referees are accurate to recognize that this person is Paul Faria Jonas Celtics player. Team league campaign in Andalusia level higher than the league appear attacks a grade.

Referee wrote: "He was wearing his team's jersey, I recognize him, because I had him play the game of law enforcement." The referee also the attacker's first and last names are written down, even though this person campaign just an audience.

The campaign also a strange thing, that is in the team after Elvis own goal scored by the referee to show a green card. This fact is reflected in the spirit of sport, after Avis team has players injured, the other will end it passed out of bounds. This Houyiweisi team take advantage of opportunities to score, but the other party that should put the ball back to them. Avis team later to make concessions, the own goal.

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