World Cup - Costa made three goals 3-0 win over Brazil in the first three ranks

2018 South American World Cup qualifying match day a fourth focus of a battle in the new water stadium Stadium, race, Brazil 3-0 home win over Peru, Bayern winger Douglas - Costa mass shooting meritorious deeds, but also indirectly assists Felipe broke, Reina Tropsch also scored a goal. Brazil ranked third standings.

Brazil last round flat Argentina, Luis Gil replaces the suspended starter, Douglas - Costa and Renato playing rotation. From Brazil to control the situation after the opening. William pass, Alves long-range higher. Peru miss the first 4 minutes, William turned back the other pass, but Gray more restricted left side 10 yards of single-pole low shot being Rualisen wants. After 4 minutes, long-range free kick Naropa Dayton Allison has been saved.

Brazil regained the initiative after experiencing two danger. Elias long-range higher, Neymar left the restricted area small-angle shot blocked by Ade Wen Kula near corner. William Direct, Elias restricted the right of small-angle pass shot was confiscated. Brazil lead the first 22 minutes, William restricted the right pass, Peru goalkeeper Penny intercept failed, the ball hit the Douglas - Costa body shells into the empty net.

Neymar hit Tapia fined yellow card, the Barcelona winger led Peru to question the other players diving dissatisfaction. With Houneimaer left 30 yards free kick shot high. Brazil almost 39 minutes to expand the score, Douglas - Costa free kick on the right small-angle shot, the ball to draw the arc after direct steering angle, but unfortunately hit the post. The first 45 minutes, Alves cross, after Neymar offside chest, stopping a small restricted area before the barbed shot higher.

The second half. Neymar free kick 25 yards shot higher. Peru The first 54 minutes and almost broke, Neymar free kick pass larger force, Miranda before passing errors to be broken, Farfan on the right crossing the ball, clearance by William Gill hit the rebound, a small restricted area on the left Quiverful Barb has a shot saved Allison. Brazil's first 57 minutes to expand the score, Douglas - Costa restricted the right to cut down on the number of people double-teamed stabbed pass, unguarded inside the restricted area arc Renato first time Tui bottom right corner, 2-0.

Farfan free kick 25 yards direct shot higher. Alves on the right long-range wide of the far corner. The first 67 minutes, Renato cross, after Neymar single-handedly blocked flutter volley Tongshe Penny blank range network, but his offside, disallowed the goal. Brazil's first 77 minutes to seal the victory, Neymar passing, Douglas - Costa cut into restricted the right shot was saved, Felipe block Kongmen network, 3-0. Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho off the bench. Houneimaer counterattack with crosscutting blocked, closed on the left oblique William missed. Injury time, Gray was more low shot bottom left corner of the goal line before Gill denied.

Brazil Lineup (4-3-3): Allison; Alves, Miranda, Gill, Felipe; Elias, Gustavo (78 ', Fernandinho), Reina care; William (85 ', Oscar), Douglas - Costa (89', Lucas - Lima), Neymar

Other games, away to 3 to 1 win over Ecuador, Venezuela, Ecuador 4-0 lead; Uruguay 3-0 home win over Chile, Godin, Alvaro - Pereira and Caceres has goals; home 2 Paraguay 1 reversal to win Bolivia, former super striker Barrios scored the go-ahead goal.

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