Small law: Barcelona God to kill a phenomenal really hope to work with him

Spanish National Derby this weekend will go to war, as the Barca fans, a small law to accept the "goal network" interview expressed support for his former club, a small law emphatically praised Neymar and Suarez's performance, and represents Suarez appreciate style.

Small law think Suarez is a phenomenal striker, he said: "Barcelona have great players who can decide the game attacking trident, even in the case of most of the trident Messi's absence, their performance still very good. Neymar has made great progress. As for Suarez, I sincerely hope that during the year in Barcelona and he can fight side by side, he is a phenomenal striker. Barca also Iniesta, Busquets and outstanding defense, they have maintained a very high level. "

Small law praised praised Su Su tooth tooth small law

As for whether Messi would be playing an old friend of the problem, a small law said he hoped so. Small Law said: "I do not know whether Messi would play, I hope so, because Messi played for Barcelona, ​​football is a good thing for the national derby, there is no doubt that I support Barcelona.." When asked whether regret leaving Barcelona, ​​he said:. "not when I found Barcelona fans do not like me, I know I need to leave in the football world, always accept the reality, there is no need to make a decision regret."

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