Jiedi! Premier League Asia King night tryst actress Han Haoru

Son Heung-Min in the summer to Asia worth 22 million pounds to join the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, and now he has become a benchmark for Asian players Liuyang figure. Stadium proud at the same time, Son Heung-Min in the intelligence field are also very proud. According to South Korean media, "The Fact" reported Son Heung-Min now gain a new romance, and South Korea a few days ago he was dating actress Liu Xiaoying.

Recent positive day coincided with the national team, as the Asian players in the leader, Son Heung-Min naturally also named to the South Korean team. Previously, he and a Korean team training base in Paju. But it can not delay his appointment with South Korean actress Liu Xiaoying's. Recently, Liu Xiaoying personally drove to Paju base witnessing Son Heung-Min, both followed by a romantic date.

According to South Korean media exposure of the photos, then the night has been deep, although some cold weather, but the Son Heung-Min and Liu Xiaoying two face was filled with sweet. They first in the car enjoying the intimacy of the two space Lovers after Son Heung-Min and Liu Xiaoying also did not avoid arousing suspicion, they go off, continue to enjoy a romantic date.

It turns out that both men and women in love, they will do some things that only belong to a small romantic couples. For example, up to 22 million pounds worth of Son Heung-Min, was photographed at the time, his hand full of snacks - chocolate bars and other snacks, like a lot of girls love. Under such a sweet Son Heung-Min offensive, Liu Xiaoying naturally fallen.

Now, Son Heung-Min and Liu Xiaoying almost show affection in public. Previously, Son Heung-Min in the national team against Laos scored twice, then he showed off the "S" in the celebration. Media interpretation, which is in the Son Heung-Min Liu Xiaoying love, because Liu Xiaoying social account name is "SsoSso_1004". Prior to that, Liu Xiaoying is on this account worked Son Heung-Min cheer. The South Korean media also confirmed, Liu Xiaoying has admitted her affair and Son Heung-Min.

Liu Xiaoying looks sweet, a former South Korean girl group After School member, after she starred in "you're only mine" and other TV series. It should be noted that, Liu Xiaoying, 29, and Son Heung-Min is only 23 years old, although the age difference of two six-year-old, but this did not affect the two exchanges.

It is worth mentioning that the Son Heung-Min's ex-girlfriend is the Girl'sDay Minya, last year, the two of them had been to take a close date, this is quite a trace, "I saw new people laugh, who smell the old people cry" means.

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