Ting Wang Beckham Manchester United alone: do not be afraid of God No. 7 Red Devils 1 year rob me on the 10th

Manchester United in the summer to introduce the DS Perry, he chose Manchester United's legendary number 7 But were far season, DS wear performance was very disappointing. Recently, Manchester United once the 7th owner David Beckham, Manchester United has openly encouraged the 7th new DS wear.

Beckham said: "Manchester United, 7 jersey is a symbol of honor, I do not think it is a threat when you get No. 7 jersey, do not care what players through it before, and do not care about Manchester United before. the 7th they had achieved what kind of results. This is indeed a special number, but I do not think it will bring additional pressure on the players. On the contrary, it has always inspired me. "

Beckham said words, it is clear that aid to encourage new DS wear Manchester United. The Dutch player to Manchester United in the summer to spend up to 31 million pounds transfer fee, but after the beginning of the season, "Flash", DS wear quickly downturn. The last time he played for Manchester United the Premier League, Arsenal or the Red Devils lost 0-3 that game. At the same time, public criticism DS Perry style too independent. Obviously, the high price of Manchester United's new signings, now is under pressure. Now, Beckham encourage him, indeed timely.

Beckham went on to say: 'No. 7 jersey was never my exclusive shirts, this is George - George Best, Bryan - Robson, Cantona numbers I just want to put on the 7th kick good enough and want. Manchester United has become one of the best clubs in the world. "

In the history of Manchester United, No. 7 jersey has always been synonymous with honor. George - George Best (470 games 179 goals), Eric Cantona (184 games 82 goals), David Beckham (356 games 85 goals), C Luo (244 games 118 goals) and other big names, have draped over Manchester United on the 7th shirt. However, the recent years, Manchester United's No. 7 jersey was gradually "decline" of the. C Lo after, Owen, Valencia, Mary et al, has once wearing a Manchester United jersey No. 7, but their performance did not reach expectations. To the season, Manchester United put on DS wear on the 7th, and now many fans and even irony, he is the worst history of Manchester United on the 7th.

It is worth mentioning that, finally admit Beckham, Manchester United number seven shirt is not his favorite original number. Beckham said: "I wear No. 7 jersey, Robson and Eric Cantona because they give this number gives the legendary, but I started to think that I could never wear jersey No. 7 was called Ferguson. I say we just signed Sheringham, he wanted to put on the 10th, so I just gave up the number 10 shirt. "

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