Marshal Replay: Barcelona without Messi stronger anti-death robbed them alive Real Madrid

Capello has twice coached Real Madrid, for the Spanish National Derby, his comment is undoubtedly authoritative voice, talking about this time the national derby, the Italian coach stated ambition of Barcelona than Real Madrid, Messi injured for Barcelona for the prosecution is a "lucky" because it can help Neymar and players like Suarez to grow.

Capello told a Spanish television interview analyzed the national derby, he said: "In this game, you can not schedule a player is not in the best condition to play, such as Lionel Messi after the Barcelona level on. decreased. This game you must use the state's best players, because the game requires high. "

Capello also believes that Messi injured Barcelona is a good thing:.. "Messi injured Barcelona is a lucky no Messi, Neymar and Suarez grew a lot before all rely on Messi, but plum West is not the time, they come forward to carry the team, and now they find the feeling. "

Capello praised the efforts of the court and showed Suarez, Iniesta, Pique, Busquets these players in a positive attitude. "They want to break into the fifth goal, they have a unique desire to win, Barcelona player full of fighting spirit, which is the difference between the rivals." Capello particularly admire Barca superiority in midfield, "Real Madrid sent set to play attacking football line-up, but the face passing a lot of teams, you have to go to steal the ball, it is very difficult. Real Madrid wanted to play defensive back, but Barca have a high level of four players, Suarez, Pique, Iniesta, Busquets in particular. "

Real Madrid Capello pointed question:. "Without a concerted effort to suppress opponents, holding tight formation, then you can not complete after steals, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid is very easy to hack into the restricted area must be composed of a wall, the other steals the ball. . "Capello believes Barca frontcourt Fanqiang to do well:." Suarez Fanqiang, Neymar also suppress all opponents in the suppression of opponents, Real Madrid only Bell in the suppression of opponents, they did not like Barcelona as Fanqiang. "

Capello Neymar diligence on the pitch surprised Brazilians than in South America playing much effort, "I have never seen Neymar ran it so often. In Brazil, he ran 15 meters, In Barcelona he would run 50 meters, which is a big difference. "

Capello Real Madrid formations do not be surprised:. "Real Madrid's starting lineup, I'm not surprised that Barcelona play Real Madrid imagine, but Real Madrid are not accustomed to suppress opponents, I was surprised that Casemiro did not play, he played very well before. In addition Carvajal did not, I really like this player, can play a role for 内马尔卡瓦 Hal, because he is very fast. "

Capello said: "Barcelona have made a mistake, but Real Madrid failed to grasp." Capello said Pique made mistakes in the first half, Mathieu is also a mistake, but Benzema failed to grasp the opportunity.

Real Madrid Capello state expressed regret, but his confidence in the future of Real Madrid: "I want to see Real Madrid suffered this defeat, but I believe they can achieve important results, I hope they will soon be able to recover well status."

Prospects for Benitez to stay at Real Madrid, Capello expressed support for Madrid coach: "All the coaches need time to adapt, Benitez in their posts played a good role, the best Give him a little more than expected. "

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