Arsenal's biggest card visa front of God coming out! Ibrahimovic Wenger is willing to effect exposure

Arsenal weak front is already a commonplace problem, although the media, fans, experts are calling for the Gunners need to quickly buy a good striker, but Wenger is quite calm. Wenger has always stressed, do not buy the Arsenal striker is not because of money, but no good strikers on the market. The "Daily Mirror" broke the news of a message that Arsenal could actually visa Ibrahimovic!

Ibrahimovic and Paris Saint-Germain's contract will expire in the summer of next year, when he was about to turn 35 years old. Although previous interview, Ibrahim said he is now the Premiership kick some old. However, "Daily Mirror" said Ibrahim himself is actually very interested in playing the Premiership, while Arsenal is his ideal choice. Representative Ibrahimovic Paris St Germain this season, played in nine games in the French league, scored nine goals, the body and the state still does not have any problems. Therefore battles at the final stage of his career in the Premier League, is a good choice.

Ibrahimovic came close to signing Arsenal then Ibrahimovic almost year Arsenal contract

Since Ibrahimovic will become a free agent next summer, so he has also been a lot of concern giants Manchester United also wanted him to become the team's piece of the puzzle, Ibrahimovic's experience and ability will give the team provides no small help. But the "Daily Mirror newspaper," said Ibrahim himself has made it clear, if you go to the Premier League, Wenger is just as effective. But the possibility of the deal took place in the January transfer window is not, Ibrahimovic and Paris will fulfill all contractual freedom to leave the body. So for Arsenal, the next year is free to sign Ibrahimovic.

Ibrahimovic's agent Layiaola also willing to Ibrahimovic operating to the United States and other major league or leagues Qatar, Ibrahim I prefer the Premier League. Fans investigation "Daily Mirror" started, there are up to 59% of fans believe that Ibrahimovic will join Arsenal in the summer next year. Ibrahimovic then 19 years old, Arsenal wanted to arrange his workouts, but I think their ability Ibrahimovic without trial can be directly contracted, eventually the two sides broke up, Wenger missed the opportunity to sign Ibrahimovic. Now they cooperate again, no doubt a story.

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