Erickson: C Ronaldo and Rooney will make his Super stronger sibling Messi

Former England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson believes that if Rooney to Super League, Super League will bring a new level.

"The Sun" previously disclosed, there are super team in contact with Rooney's agent, probing possible future introduction of the England striker. In this regard, we are the Port of Shanghai coach Sven-Goran Eriksson expressed support: "Football in China's growing influence, super team's ambitions are sufficient."

"We've got some of the famous players, such as Robinho, Ji'an and Demba Ba, they brought something special."

"But of course, Rooney is another level, he is the most top, and Messi, C Ronaldo one level. In China, everyone knows he's a superstar, if Wayne Rooney to the Super League, will This league to bring a new level, I have no doubt. "

Erickson also talked about the appeal of the Super League and China. "This is an extraordinary country, I live in Shanghai, if you let me compare Shanghai and London, to be honest I do not know which is better. This is a great city for Rooney, if at the end of his career here, will be very good choice. Even in my years to come, China's soccer has been a huge development, I think the next few years China will be more influential in football, a player like Rooney can contribute to this development. "

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