Inter front of God: Worship of Argentina Messi he is the best in the world too many cattle

By virtue of the excellent play last season, Inter Milan striker Ronaldinho was named Icarus Goal website selected list of 50 Best player of the year. Jordi Ica after winning in an interview talked about his ability to issue selected for the Argentina national team, Ronaldinho praised Messi in addition Ica is the world's best players.

Jordi Ica last season for Inter in all competitions scored 27 goals, and won the Serie A Golden Boot, but at the national level, Ica Jordi was very frustrated, as he is currently playing for the Argentine national team is only 1 times. Ica Jordi hinted in an interview with the Argentine national team in the competition too inspired: "In South America, there are a lot of very powerful players I will continue to my own work, I am very happy that I at last season's achievements, positive. Yes I did because I was able to get this award, "Icarus Jordi added:" But in order to become the best striker in South America is very difficult, because in Argentina it is there are too many good players. "

With 后伊卡尔迪 revealed to the media in his opinion, Messi is the best player in the world: "I am Argentine, and this is the reason why I most Macy's worship for me, Messi is the best in the world. players. "So far, Messi has played 105 times on behalf of Argentina scored 49 goals, played 494 times on behalf of Barcelona scored 418 goals, Ica Jordi wants to become great strikers like Messi, there is a long way to go.

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