Kahn: Neuer goalkeeper came to a new level, he has no obvious weaknesses

Bayern this season, outstanding performance on all fronts, goalkeeper Neuer also has a good play. Legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn in the Bayern opinion, goalkeeper Neuer style of play this position came to a new level, and that he currently has no obvious weaknesses.

"Neuer is a 'scavenger formula' goalkeeper, keeper of the game came he let a new level," Kahn said in an interview, said FIFA's official website, "He was always willing to take a lot of risk, so that their Be the first floor of the presence of 11 players "for Neuer style, Kahn analyzed:.". He was always able to complete passes collusion and feet techniques are good on the situation on the spot when necessary, teammates which would allow him to enter the team's pass system, which for the team's defense is a huge bonus. In many cases, he will try as soon as possible to lift the opponent's offensive threat, sometimes from outside the area very remote position. He does not make mistakes in big games were, and this is his style, he has been better in this technology. "

Kahn believes today's Neuer has come to a very high level: "I think he now does not have any obvious problems at this level, you will always strive to improve their own knowledge gatekeepers, you will always be. Try to make every aspect of technology to achieve perfection. Neuer in the process to pass the ball and attack is very brave, of course error will always occur, which is not surprising. He also has a very rapid response, outside the area you are difficult to use long-range beat him. "Kahn said that high-level soccer players will always be at current levels continue to try to be a little bit of increase in every respect, this is the challenge now facing Neuer.

After arriving in Bayern Neuer we have gained access to the club level all titles, including three Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Triple Crown twice 2012-13 season. He is definitely the main German team won the 2014 World Cup champion, and ranked third in that year's FIFA Ballon d'Or award them.

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