Shaking scam? AC Milan was playing the hype + black money! 480,000,000 teasing you

In the end is when? AC Milan stake sale of the drama now looks more like a farce, Thai businessmen Mr.Bee dragged repeatedly attitude of people really do not understand, the Italian media is anxiously said, "This is very It may become a scam. "

According to previously given, "the latest version" of the timetable, Mr.Bee will be between December 16 to Christmas to complete the AC Milan 48% stake acquisition, but such a statement and the official announcement had already been too and more, it has been unable to make believe.

Italy's largest financial class integrated media "Il Sole 24 Ore" is exposed the reason behind the delay AC Milan equity transaction can not be completed. In order to complete the acquisition of 48% stake in AC Milan, Mr.Bee needs to raise 480 million euros of funds, but now the money was a problem, "Il Sole 24 Ore" gives three possible.

First, Mr.Bee unable to complete the acquisition of the reason is probably behind him someone of Asian investors to exit, if you want to complete the transaction, then, Mr.Bee need to find a replacement as soon as possible, it is still relatively optimistic a possibility. Second, Mr.Bee in fact simply take no money, but he is as a middleman to play a trick, but he is to hype its own, rather than let the real completion of the transaction, and such speculation promote their own Mr.Bee things did not the first time, opened the business Mr.Bee can see a lot of history. ,

There is a problem there is a third possibility, that is, for the acquisition of AC Milan shares Mr.Bee source of funding, likely to be very suspicious, even through illegal channels, and even the media that Mr.Bee funds as well as the acquisition of AC Milan some from Berlusconi, Berlusconi for such transactions, but it is left to the right to change, of course, "24 Sun" also said that such speculation may be a bit too much.

Currently the local council has committed equity Milan AC Milan have sold investigate the issue, hoping that time all sorts of doubts can be solved.

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