Analysis - Europe's most perverted BUG comprehensive PK Barcelona Bayern team who is stronger!?

This week's Champions League game, the starting lineup welcome back Lionel Messi Barcelona 6-1 slaughter swept Rome, once again played alongside starter combination MSN relaxed chic, showing the power of terror. After the bloodbath at the national derby, Real Madrid, Barcelona has become a pan-European state currently the hottest team. At the same time Bayern at the Allianz Arena in Cuikulaxiu trend easily defeated Olympiakos 4-0, Levante and Muller's goal could not stop the momentum of the same. Two teams staged a "Taking PK", they are now also considered to be the two favorites to win the Champions League this season.

Momentum: Hurricane Bayern, Barcelona Mengjin

Barcelona and Bayern in all competitions this season Barcelona and Bayern score new achievements in all competitions last season
If you compare the two teams since the beginning of the season from the state, then Guardiola Bayern undoubtedly prevail. German Super Cup on penalties after losing to Wolfsburg, Bayern once made a 12-game winning streak in all competitions, the current season is amazing overall record of 18 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Several major face Bundesliga rivals Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Wolfsburg, Bayern all the advantages of victory of at least three goals to show the horror of dominance. Allianz Arena is the home team, of course the most powerful fortress, far Bayern 10 wins at home this season, the last seven games to win the opponent is at least four balls. 2015 Barcelona face tyrannical separate ways 14 war 13 wins, is the only defeat at the Allianz.

Bloodbath Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​recent state hot bloodbath Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​recent state hot
Compared with Bayern Munich, Barcelona then there have been some ups and downs last season. New aid Turan and A- Vidal also can not play, the Spanish Super Cup defeat to make six crown dream dashed, Messi injured for two months is to let the fans once Barcelona's prospects of some concern. However, during the Macy's absence, Neymar and Suarez support from the Barcelona striker, both reflect the game's powerful enough to take over the personal ability. While on the road we lost two, but red and blue army has teeth carry over Bilbao and Atletico Madrid two tough away, still in the Bernabeu Real Madrid big break. After losing to Sevilla, Barcelona has also made eight straight La Liga and the Champions League. If Bayern is the way to skyrocket, then Barcelona is spent difficult period, currently in orbit on a rapid rise.

Former farm: three gods PK attack group

Horrible horrible MSN MSN combination combination
Barcelona several goals so far this season is 49, MSN arranged combination of which 39. All opponents are aware that the greatest threat to Barca attack MSN combination, but that is not much recourse. Macy at a deeper position themselves, and between him and Sue God Neymar fast, clever, sophisticated enough to tear continuous with any organized defense. Su God and Neymar active during the Macy's absence can not help but feeling: If a team has three people can come up with a similar level of performance Messi, that would be kind of scary scene. Sharp personal breakthrough, timely ability to create opportunities for the ball in tight spaces and then tight defense it is difficult to guarantee not to be compromised.

Goals scored big goals outbreak Muller and Levante this season broke Muller and Levante this season
Compared to Barcelona, ​​Bayern characteristic is more and more clear division of labor point of attack. Bayern has scored an amazing 64 goals, averaging more than three. Where Thomas - Mueller and Lewandowski both scored 39 goals, and goals MSN flat. The introduction of this season's two wingers Douglas - Costa and Coleman is mainly responsible for conveying shells, Levante and Mueller therefore significantly improve efficiency goals, the two current production is close to the previous season data. After Robben comeback Guardiola now often use 4141 to meet the enemy formation, Levante, Muller, Robben, Costa and Coleman in the same venue, let opponents defense trade-off. After Ribery and Goetze back, combos frontcourt Bayern will have various combinations of change in the depth of terror and dazzling.

The proportion of the two teams to create scoring opportunities in the different regions of the proportion of the two teams to create scoring opportunities in the different regions
From both sides and create scoring opportunities in the distribution of the league, you can see some of the differences of the two teams: Bayern scoring opportunities up to 28.7% is created from the sidewalks, Barcelona is only 18.3%; while in the vicinity of the restricted area arc Barcelona create opportunities Strip accounted for 45.3 percent, 34.8 percent higher than Bayern lot. Barcelona's attack, mainly through MSN three powerful personal ability and with the completion of each other, they have a very strong breaking ball, make balls and scoring ability; Bayern's offensive increasingly originate from the two wings, final completion or termination of Qiangdian ability and shooting more prominent Levante and Muller. Difficult to judge the level of these two modes of attack, I can only say that is very difficult to stop.

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