Spanish Prime Minister: The Golden Globe for the first three years no C Ronaldo Messi

Recently, an interview with Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy kobe radio interview, indicating that it should be awarded the Golden Globe C Ronaldo. In his mind the top three Golden Globes should be C Ronaldo, Iniesta and Suarez. Messi can not enter his first three.

About Mourinho, Rajoy said: "Chelsea is not in the forefront of my priority list to win the task."

Atletico won on the possibility Rajoy said: "You can not exclude them, they are a full strength team."

About Barcelona, Rajoy said: "They seem unable to overcome, but we will continue to see the development of things and now they are fantastic.."

About Golden Globes, Rajoy said: "The second place to Iniesta, because he is a great player, has a value of Suarez is an absolute superstar, he is a real fighter.." Rajoy had expressed should be awarded the Golden Globe C Ronaldo.

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