Mancini: Inter uncertain Golden Boot four teams can be the first Serie A title fight!

Inter Milan now plot the first 30 points in the league, while Naples 28 points, followed by the two teams will launch a frontal clash in Beijing tomorrow morning. Inter coach Roberto Mancini yesterday attended the pre-match press conference, Mancini said he was not sure Ica Jordi will be starting debut, and he also talked about the Inter Milan this season, always with a 1-0 win this thing.

Mancini first prospect of the forthcoming Inter Milan and Napoli's game: "Faced with this game you have to go all out, whether it is on the defensive end or on the offensive we now two points ahead of Naples, the game is too important. I always say in Naples, Rome, Juventus and Fiorentina league championship contender, because they do not have too many adjustments in the summer. "

Then there reporter asked, before the first world war that field Inter Milan and Rome, the Ica Rinaldi on behalf of the team could not play, but the focus of this field will not be starting wars Jordi Ica. In this regard Mancini replied: "Anything is possible, and now I will not say who tomorrow starts, every player should be ready." Mancini also compared the Ica Jordi and Higuain: " Higuain has experience in many international competitions, he has been in the top club, but Jordi Ica still young, he will become a great striker. "

"The game for us is a very good opportunity to test the results of the game is certainly not conclusive. I always want us to win 3-0, but it was not easy. Against a team like if you do not good defense, so it is hard to win. "

Finally Mancini talked often this season, Inter Milan 1-0 to win this thing: "I do not read the newspaper, it does not affect me too much everyone has their own ideas, if we can. holding in the league first, then people will begin to be afraid of us. I'm not sure what is called 'play well', in my opinion, only to win the game called 'play well'. "

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