Hilarious! Fans rush the court bear hug Mueller want to intercept melon handsome unsuccessful

Last weekend's Bundesliga, Bayern sits at home 2-0 win over the visiting Hertha Berlin continue to lead the standings. In the end of the game appeared interesting scene, a fan suddenly into the pit, the court embraced Bayern star Thomas - Mueller.

Guardiola intercept the fans did not succeed Guardiola intercept the fans did not succeed

According to "Munich Daily" message, one wearing black clothes of fans crossed the West Stand of the fence, then ran inside the venue. Bayern coach Guardiola was originally wanted to catch him, but without success. Police also failed to stop the fast-running fans, he and Muller came a hug. This fans tightly to Muller in his arms reluctant to let go until the court security staff took him away.

How long the terrorist attacks in Paris and not in the past, this time the fans rushed the field things happen, of course, inevitably reminiscent of stadium security issues. But I'd not panic Muller: "I will not take it and linked that attack, I'm not a person will be troubled by fear." But Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer'd said: "This thing how much to make you feel a little uncomfortable. "

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