Klopp go back! Howard dug Dott love will hit 56 million Royce

Since Klopp took over Liverpool, the Reds immediately reverse the decline, and now Klopp's team even raised to the forefront of the Premiership standings, from the leader Manchester City with only 6 points difference. Gratifying to see the team record, Liverpool also decided to increase investment in the transfer market, according to "Daily Star" said the Liverpool ready to dig in January next year, Howard Royce + binary Dortmund Hummels.

Klopp at Dortmund grown to deter football marshal, but he also has trained more than Hornet top Titans. Today, Klopp change club, became Liverpool coach, many people are looking forward to be able to help the Reds hired him when he was a direct descendant of the Titans in Dott. Today, Klopp finally hands. "Daily Star" that the two names, one-Royce, the second is Hummels. The two men are the German national team's international players, also famous for many years the star. If Liverpool can snare them down, then the Red Army's strength is bound to be greatly enhanced.

Hummels was traced to want to leave Dott Hummels traced to want to leave Dott
"Daily Star newspaper," said Royce worth about 31.5 million pounds, Dott captain Mats Hummels worth about 24.5 million pounds, if you want to buy Liverpool two men, have to spend about 56 million pounds. Such a transfer fee, apparently unable to stop poaching Liverpool pace. "Star" that Liverpool will move in the transfer window in January next year, to snatch Dortmund two players. It is worth mentioning that, Klopp had previously said publicly that he would not go poaching old club Borussia Dortmund. But now after he became Liverpool manager, has changed the tone, Klopp said:. "I have no such agreement (not dig) and Dortmund, I have heard about such an agreement, but did not actually between us."

Royce is one of the players in today's Europe, the transfer market, most people crave. Previously, he played 135 times for more special, as many as 62 goals scored. This season, Royce still brave, he played 13 times for the more special, gains 9 ball. Earlier, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and other giants have dug Royce hopes eventually chose to stay in a small rocket Dott. This time, however, Klopp mentor invited him to come forward, I believe he is bound to seriously consider their own future. As Hummels, he is now in a more special situation is not good. The coach, the fans are dissatisfied with his performance, "Bild" that Hummels Dott decided to submit a transfer request, ready to leave. Klopp recruit him now, the possibility of a great Hummels nodded.

In addition to these two Titans, Liverpool is also preparing to introduce a winger in the winter, the Red Army eyeing Real Madrid player Qielixiefu. According to "Marca" he said, this Russian-born players at the end of 1990, in Madrid and did not get enough playing opportunities. This season, he played for Real Madrid in the internal energy of 1530 minutes, he only got 58 minutes of playing time. Obviously, the brutal facts, let Qielixiefu determined to leave Real Madrid on loan. "Marca" that Qielixiefu speed, scoring ability, which won him the favor of Liverpool, the Reds prepared to lease the way, in January next year to introduce Qielixiefu.

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