Fire! Warren will become the first Premier League competition actor starred in the movie protagonist 3

Premier League this season was undoubtedly the hottest players in the Val di Leicester City, he has created 11 consecutive league goals miracles, amazing performance. Valdivia also only five years ago in England, the eighth level leagues, but now it has become the Premier League's top scorer, British media said Val saga is expected to be made into a movie onto the big screen.

According to the "Daily Mail" reported that the film "a ball fame," the writer Adrian - Busha Te intends to Valdivia's legendary history into a movie, in an interview he said: "Val's story incredible, he Amateur League was born, when the workers living in the prosthetics company, and now he broke the scoring record consecutive Premier League, incredible. This is a dream role the actors. "

Actor starred in three major competition three major actor starred in competition

It is reported that 布沙特 also delineated several possible candidates appeared in Valdivia, including starred in "Twilight", Robert - Pattinson, he starred in "Amazing Spider-Man" Garfield and starred in? "High School Musical" Zac - Efron.

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