View: Benitez relegation team like Real Madrid coach should sign J Lo

Recently, the former coach David Cadiz - Vidal in an interview, expressed the need to adapt Benitez with Real Madrid's big players cooperate, Benitez believes he can play exciting football.

David - Vidal said: "He is my friend, I will defend him to death, but he must know that he is now coach of Real Madrid, he believes he coached Getafe."

"People always say, organize defense and attack are temporary, which is totally a lie. He must do better, because he worked in with the world's best players. He had to kick the world's best football."

David - Vidal also criticized Zidane, "Zidane should have last season led the Castilla upgrade, which he is now very difficult."

About J Lo, Vidal recommendation should not be signing Real Madrid, "J Lo realized it was in Madrid, where full competition after the World Cup, Real Madrid signed him, it's stupid. Isco is an even better player. "

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