Abu Chelsea love from the dig 500 million new home design was scolded badly

Chelsea formally submitted a plan to apply, to Stamford Bridge for the expansion of a 60,000-seat stadium has.

The current capacity at Stamford Bridge is 41,600 people, which has been unable to meet the needs of the Chelsea fans watching. Blue officer network statement declared: "The stadium expansion plan has been submitted to the Hammersmith and Fulham council."

British media believe that the plan, once again demonstrated the Russian owner Roman Abramovich to Chelsea's love, who in 2003 took over the boss, will be the expansion of investment, it is expected to reach 500 million pounds to spend.

Ai Abu Abu Chelsea Chelsea is true love
In addition, the plan means that Chelsea need to find a temporary home to fill the expansion project (estimated three years) period, the Blues currently considering two options, one is in consultation with the FA, Wembley lease Stadium as a temporary home, the second is to borrow Twickenham Stadium (Stadium Rugby Union).

Currently, proposals Chelsea into the public assessment phase, before January 8, the public can see the details of this proposal in the relevant local council's website and leave a comment.

However, after seeing the new Chelsea at Stamford Bridge design simulation chart, the British friends but have Tucao ridicule. Some people say that the Blues new home look like upside down pot, there are claims like dishwashing spiral steel ball, cut eggs and so on. Of course, the so-called difficult to reach, any design figure it out, I'm afraid that will have a similar Tucao.

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