Comprehensive Analysis of Real Madrid wonderful violation! Galaxy ship in the end made what mistake

King's Cup Real Madrid against Cadiz, a lot of attention, not the game, after the game has set off a storm of protest, all because of a man named Qielishefu player.

Event reduction

The Russian striker starter only played three minutes, helped Real Madrid the lead. But this time, a bad news, do not have to score Qielishefu the competition! Qielishefu last season played for the Spanish team Villarreal, he against Barcelona, ​​Getafe and Real Sociedad match each eat a yellow card in the King's Cup, in accordance with the provisions of, the cumulative three King's Cup Bookings will be suspended for one game. After the end of the season, Qielishefu return to Real Madrid, Real Madrid and therefore ban will be effective in the body, but Real Madrid did not realize this problem.

The second half Qielishefu played less than one minute, Benitez was benched, then Real Madrid have realized the seriousness of the matter. Many Spanish media that Real Madrid may be because violations will be fined directly out.

"Marca" that the Spanish Competition Committee will not take the initiative to take action. But if Cadiz club decided to appeal, then the situation will be very bad for Real Madrid. Prior to Osasuna and Milan Des King's Cup match, Osasuna involving illegal use of players, and ultimately sentenced to disqualification.

Real Madrid stand unwitting

Things become big, game and ultimately bickering. Cadiz Chair said that Cadiz will this appeal, "Gaddis club has decided to be on Real Madrid to the Spanish Football Federation regarding violations appeal, we will appeal strongly to do this, even though Real Madrid and our relationship as friends as well. "

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