Buy AC Milan also by Chinese capital? Exposing Chinese companies added secret negotiations

Mr. bee in Thailand wealthy Milan shares acquired increasingly complicated and confusing, and repeatedly delayed signing the deal recently let suspicions, even reports said it was a terrible scam Thai people, but the latest news that Mr. bee has with China's CITIC Bank contact, he was confident that before the end of the year to complete the transaction.

Mr.bee just declared to be acquired from AC Milan when the Italian financial newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore" broke the news, bee behind actually two consortia support. One is the ADS Securities (up sink) from the Middle East Abu Dhabi, which is a brokerage and trading services company that provides online and offline foreign exchange and gold trading and investment services to institutional and individual investors; the other is China's CITIC bank. Mr.bee repeatedly postponed the signing time is money in Asia consortium is not in place, his strange behavior so that he suffered a crisis of confidence, the Italian media even speculated that it was a hoax Thai people.

"Il Sole 24 Ore" that, Mr.bee may simply not bring money, he just to hype himself, and he had had before the end of this case, there may even bee of funds from illegal sources .

However, the "Corriere della Sera," the latest news, Mr.bee already in Beijing and CITIC Bank representative Federico was a secret meeting, AC Milan funding the acquisition of shares of further discussion. The newspaper that in addition to China CITIC Bank, there is a FMCG industry China Group has the intention to invest in Milan, which broke the news of the beginning of the Middle East is not the same consortium, Mr.bee bought the club the truth more uncertain.

In addition, "Corriere della Sera" also pointed out that contact with Mr.bee CITIC Bank with just € 400 million stake in CITIC Capital City is not a company.

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