Manchester United bitter winter pray Feng has become exposed Bayern Chelsea have wanted to rob this person

Winter transfer window would open, Manchester United and Southampton winger acquisition plans within the horse encountered a new situation, according to British media reports, Bayern Munich and Chelsea also show interest.

"Daily Mail" said Manchester United, Bayern now face competition, 23-year-old horse has become Europe's hottest transfer targets, Bayern is the latest to show interest in his family, while Chelsea are also within the horse is very concerned about (the season, the Blues had to break the door).

British media exposure Bayern Chelsea also interested in the British media exposure Bayern also be interested in

Since joining last season, Manet has scored 17 goals for the Southampton, his speed and explosiveness are the most amazing qualities, who want to introduce winger, as Van Gaal speed element is added to the lineup, the horse is Senegal the most suitable candidate. The summer, Manchester United had quoted £ 20 million, but was rejected Southampton.

"Daily Mail" revealed that the horse inside I am longing to move to Manchester United, but Southampton is unlikely to put people in the winter, unless the Red Devils bid approaching £ 40 million. The newspaper, however, the Saints planned to sell next year in summer within the horse when they have started looking for a replacement. Contract horse inside to expire in 2018, he has rejected the contract proposal Southampton.

"Daily Mail" also said that Van Gaal was trying to buy a striker, because he has realized: Rooney die. Although Van Marshal maintenance Rooney has been in public, but the England striker's status and age out there, Van Gaal clearly, he needs to spend money to build a further line of attack.

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