Premiership team Invitation popular Chinese striker Disclosure: This offer scaring me

Since the start of the Premiership season, newly promoted Watford amazingly, after 15 the team with 22 points behind No. 9, beyond people's expectations. The team Terry Harrow state fiery striker, has scored nine goals in the Premier League top scorer ranked No. 4.

26-year-old Ignatius Harrow said, the summer because he had an offer from a Chinese team and could not sleep. "I have received four or five invitations, while those from China that one, so I was shocked, just crazy." According to British media reports, on the invitation of Andre Harrow is China's Hebei Huaxia happy team .

"The price is too tempting, because I consider it, three days did not sleep well, I had in mind a lot of things, a lot of people talking about this thing."

"But in the end I kept calm, to pray, and make a decision. In England] play is my dream, I was in Nigeria to see the Premier League, I want to be a part of that, so I do not want to lose money dream."

"Sometimes, money is not everything, at my age, to go to China to play for his career no good, because I want to improve."

Ignacio Haro 18 months ago to join the Waterford, including the British crown and other events, including, in 2015, he has already scored 25 goals, four leagues in England, only Tottenham Kane ratio He much.

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