Arsenal strongman most misunderstood is that he only lost a Premiership God

Arsenal striker Giroux this season has scored eight league goals, although about his ability to grasp the opportunity has been controversial, but Giroux still in condemning the way to refresh their own goals. Data Web site "" Statistics show that from 13/14 season so far, the number of goals in the Premiership Giroux has reached 38, only Manchester City Aguero Robbie him higher. In other words, if you press the number of goals to count, Giroux can be regarded as the Premier League nearly three seasons front of God II.

Efficiency Efficiency situation situation Giroux Giroux this season this season

Specifically, Giroux in the 13/14 season, scored 16 goals last season, Giroux has also recorded 14 goals so far this season he scored 8 goals. The cumulative score three seasons reached 38, not only Arsenal's top scorer in the Premier also after Aguero ranked second. In the past three seasons, Aguero scored 50 league goals, the Premier no one can.

Despite all the way against the infamy, but it is worth and ability, Giroux's performance even if not amazing, or at least a due diligence. Gunners now about to usher in the Champions League battle of life and death, in the case of Sanchez, Walcott and other attackers diagnosed years, Wenger can only hope Giroux spearhead a.

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