300 million wasted? Manchester United are second-rate team suspended or beaten Bundesliga Ferguson heartbreak

Manchester United did not put on a miracle, they on the road to beat Wolfsburg 2-3 is completely out from the group stage. This is the fourth Red Devils from the Champions League which did not qualify, Van Gaal nearly two seasons spent nearly 300 million pounds to Manchester United, but the effect is hard to say I'm afraid that satisfactory. Ferguson era hard to accumulate wealth and reputation under now being consumed little by little, so that the Red Devils will undoubtedly make fans worry.

Van Gaal before the heart no end, he talked about this life and death in wartime, said:. "This will be a decisive battle, the road will be very difficult to play Wolfsburg" course of the game, as he also expect the same, Although Marshall for United made a fantastic start, but will only Wolfsburg equalized three minutes later, and quickly overtake. Manchester United despite the second half to tie the game once, but 2 minutes later, the home team again a strong reversal of Manchester United finally on the road to surrender, in advance of this season's Champions League bye-bye up. This is the fourth Manchester United in the Champions League group stage exit, the first three are the 1994/1995 season, the 2005/2006 season and the 2011/2012 season.

Sigh sigh of Van Gaal Van Gaal
It should be said Manchester United did not lose injustice, from the scene point of view, Manchester United was completely suppressed Wolfsburg, losing is reasonable. BT Sports Scholes says Manchester United are "three noes" team: "Manchester United played no sense of urgency, no threat, no quality."

It should be said Wolfsburg Bundesliga is not the top team, between Bayern and they still have some gaps. In addition, they also let go of this summer's absolute core 德布劳 within the team, but even in the face of such a Wolfsburg, even life and death battle, Manchester United or be suppressed audience. ESPN's reporters Johnson sarcasm: "Manchester United is Wolfsburg their colors, of course, Manchester United fans not to harm the whole look, at least the Red Devils also play the European Cup, this will not affect the Premier League war in Europe points From this point, Manchester United did not hold back. "

Manchester reason causing this situation now, Van Gaal to bear a great responsibility. After the Dutch took Manchester United to the revival of crazy throwing money, according to statistics, Van Gaal took almost two seasons Manchester United nearly 300 million pounds, including the introduction of last season's high-priced Dimaliya, Herrera et al., Also introduced this season Marchal, Pres, Damian and Bastian Schweinsteiger and others. But the effect? Whether it is from the record point of view, or from the point of view of play, now this is extremely disappointing for Manchester United. Ian - Wright believes Louis van Gaal to bear the main responsibility: "There is no passion for his team, the team is too rigid and too slow, not to mention it, the way to play it is to see this desire of intoxication sleep, and the record is not good. "

It is worth mentioning that the game be eliminated Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, I also happen to live. Photographers also quite timely to capture a piece of Ferguson sad looking pictures in front of this lifeless for Manchester United, I do not know whether Ferguson unfamiliar. Fogo United coach the last three years, we are very cautious to spend money on the team's lineup are minor repairs, most heavyweight signings Robin van Persie is also called a low-cost poaching. "Daily Mail" statistics, Ferguson last three years add up to only 130 million spent only Manchester United, he created a favorable financial environment for Manchester United's successor. Today, the general consumer with big spenders Manchester United Ferguson saved wealth, can effect is not so good, it had to let Manchester United fans feel the pain. Earlier "Sun" claimed Van Gaal will again next year summer signings get 200 million of funds, but now the problem is probably far from throwing money at the Red Devils can be solved ......

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