Van Gaal Manchester United fans in the channel mouth is stopped cursed!

2-3, Manchester United away defeat to VfL Wolfsburg, failed to qualify for the Champions League knockout. Red Devils coach Louis van Gaal suffered partial blame at the departure of Manchester United fans, it was rude to his exit.

Van Gaal came when openings, some of the Manchester United fans on the bottom of the stands crowded over and shouting against what Van Gaal also make intense gestures. "Daily Mail" reported that Van Gaal encountered some fans at the time of departure, "intercept" (confronted).

Van Gaal's reaction is relatively flat, he looked blankly mood it hard fans, then into the channel mouth. "Daily Mail" headline claimed that Van Gaal was humiliated (Humiliated).

Van Gaal Van Gaal and the coaching staff and coaching staff
British media had the news that Manchester United hope to renew with Van Gaal to extend his present contract expires in 2017. But after the Champions League exit, the Red Devils senior perhaps rethink this decision. British media said: Glazer family will Gaal regarded as the team leader, but after the Champions League elimination, which also raised doubt. "Van Gaal wanted to retire back in Portugal," Paradise "(estate), Manchester United thought to persuade him to teach longer, but now the question is whether it is worth it."

Ferguson forced to stay after the game and so on and so on the pitch after the game Ferguson forced to remain Stadium
After the game, there have been a small episode. In the parking lot we found a unknown package, which allows the police very nervous, and immediately took relevant measures. Including Ferguson, Bobby - Charlton, David - Gill and other VIP guests, including Manchester United, had stranded in the stadium until 23:30 before being allowed to leave. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, the team witnessed out, are also affected by delays in the departure of the episode, which is obviously not a pleasant evening.

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