Neymar rule out joining Real Madrid: You can not play for the money to go there too dangerous


Not long ago, the Spanish media claimed Real Madrid are interested in signing Neymar, which Neymar agent, but also his father said Neymar impossible to join Real Madrid.

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, Neymar father said: "Neymar has its own life, I can not operate him go to Real Madrid that he was making history, his own life is very happy that I can not let him take risks, he was me. son, my clients and I have to consider his happiness, not for money. "

On whether to join the other teams Neymar, Neymar father said: "Only there is another branch of Barcelona, ​​his possible future here, he still more than three years of the contract proposal is the only Manchester United have rejected Barcelona.. quote before, but he wanted to stay here. "

About Golden Globes, Neymar father said: "Neymar is honored sorted Messi, C Luo competition, but he does not need to become even better player than the others, he does not need even better than his idol is his idol. Robinho, he does not need 比罗比尼奥 even better, but this is different. "

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