FIFA's official website is like a man bluntly goalkeeper Li Shuai Hengda Great Wall can become a hero

Guangzhou Hengda 2-1 victory over Mexico in the Americas in the game, goalkeeper Li Shuai, Guangzhou Hengda played well. After the match, FIFA's official website Shuai likened to the Great Wall of Guangzhou Hengda. Shuai told FIFA's official website interview, said the goalkeeper a chance to be a hero, and Barcelona can not wait to play a second time.

FIFA official website said Shuai performance is impressive, to help Guangzhou Hengda dramatic victory over Mexico Americas. FIFA official website Shuai compared to Guangzhou (Hengda) team of the Great Wall, his performance established him as teammates side of the "Great Wall of China", so the team retained the hope of promotion. Hengda coach Luiz Felipe Scolari praised Shuai, "He is our NO.1, he has a keeper possess excellent qualities. Shuai is a good goalkeeper, has a wealth of experience, he tonight He proved himself in front of the whole world. "

Commenting on his performance, the Shuai admits: "I'm obviously very happy, feeling great, I want to thank my brothers in front of our belief that today (win) we never decisive factor. stop believing that we can still win the game. "

Mexico coach Ignacio America - Ambriz also praised Shuai, "He really is very good, he made some great saves, especially in the first half, he not only saved the team, but also undermines our forward road. "Shuai goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel claiming to be a fan. Face European giants Barcelona, ​​Shuai confidence rather than fear, "I can not wait to play this game, I will just enjoy the process, and now we have to go to the end. As a goalkeeper, you have a chance to be a hero . "

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