Ibrahimovic: European Cup group favorites Italy was a bit mean

On Saturday, the 2016 European Cup draw was announced. Sweden and Belgium, Ireland and Italy in the same group, the number one star Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that Italy is one of the favorites, Sweden's goal is to pass the group stage.

Ibrahimovic himself for Italian football is very familiar with, he has played for Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan three Serie A teams, and have won the league title. 2004 European Cup finals, Ibrahimovic's Sweden team has with the Italian team in the same group, the two teams in direct dialogue, Sweden is by virtue of the final moments of the immortal Ibrahimovic ball to tie the game, that game Italian group stage It is eliminated, Sweden to join Denmark qualify.

When talking about the 2016 European Cup, Ibrahimovic said: "In my opinion this is a good group, there will be some exciting games played for the Swedish team is not easy to win the group, Italy is very strong. They are the favorites, but we will do our best, first try to pass the group stage. "

2016 European Cup for the first time military expansion to 24 teams, the top two and the third best performance in four groups of six teams can last 16, qualifying more difficult than before the decline.

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