Barcelona general: Hengda good kick to be like playing in the Champions League as they kick

Barcelona ended the second training session after arriving in Japan. After training, the team main left-back Alba accepted the media interview.

In the interview, Alba reluctant to talk about the final, but the sights on semi-finals in Guangzhou Hengda. Alba said: "I wanted to qualify for the finals will be very difficult, and Guangzhou Hengda game we have to do is not simply like to play in La Liga, Champions League and King's Cup, as to treat this semi-final.."

"So far, we have a great performance of the season, despite losing the Spanish Super Cup, but now we hope to get the Club World Cup, the event is very short, but very attractive." Alba representation.

Today's first team in Barcelona, only seven players won the deceased Club Cup, Alba is not one of them, he said: "I really did not get died Club Cup champion, just like other teammates, I I am hoping to get this championship, which is very important. "

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