Club World Cup brings together the United States and the Chinese capital by the art of football giants feast debut


In Japan it staged the Club World Cup brings together the champions continents, representing continents professional football club team has centuries-old tradition of cutting-edge powerhouse football tyrannical also that a feast of football at the end of the year to attract the attention of football fans worldwide look.

Asian champions play as Guangzhou Hengda is by far China's most successful football club, Hengda Group shares after the buyout club to build a wealthy Jinyuan policy division, under the command of a world-class marshal attract many national champion, the strength of superior expensive foreign aid. Won five league titles, won two AFC championship into the Club World Cup, this upstart Chinese football not only created a Chinese team to participate in the Club World Cup precedent, but also on behalf of China's top soccer standing world-class stadium. China Guangzhou Evergrande in the quarter-finals of the Mexican lore North America team is a nearly century-old veteran teams, they advocate the attack, like a madman's attack brought them victory over crazy, but also created their "nerve knife" -like qualities.

Another half-zone, Japan J1 League champions Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the name of the host of the competition, has been continuously crossed the Oceania champions Auckland City football team and the African champions from the Democratic Republic of Congo Mazet Bey team two threshold, they will be in the semifinals Argentina River Plate ushered in the current Club World Cup semi-finals to win a second seat for the Asian team. Argentina River Plate in South America in the 20th century is the world's most famous club, cultured world-class players Aimar, Batistuta and many other star-studded, access to domestic and intercontinental league numerous honors.

Continents grappling club league winners amazing skill, the most shining tall crown, is undoubtedly the representative works of modern art football - Barcelona. Topped the rankings in the World Club Barcelona is the real meaning of a century door, and great works of art, like humans, but football is the art form of migration to the pitch, with a "Don Quixote" and "chivalry" and "anti-Knight doctrine" Barca blood is Spanish football for the pursuit of art and desire. 1970s Cruyff joined to Barcelona's art is more mellow, and the development is in addition to the extreme during a football wizard - Ronaldinho. South American players and European players tips the balance of mutual integration, is a source of strength Barcelona invincible.

Hengda preparing for the World Club Cup Hengda preparing for the World Club Cup
Barca had in 2009 and 2011 FIFA Club World Cup win two wonderful experience, Guangzhou Hengda and Mexican American team had won the Club World Cup alive on the fourth, Argentina River Plate will play the Club World Cup for the first time, but had two played in the Club World Cup's predecessor the Toyota Cup, World Club Cup football champions become continents enjoy the show of football talent on the big stage.

And the World Cup, the European Cup as a representative of the Intercontinental Cup with the national team to compete for different concepts highest level, the Club World Cup to come from different countries professional league football club competition unit, becoming the continent's top club teams include giants feast. Commercial football club participating units of the Club World Cup to a greater extent following the commercial capital of the baton: Japanese handlebar to the Club World Cup in Japan, taking over the United Arab Emirates to win the 2017 and 2018 bid to host the Club World Cup. Chinese fans even more exciting is that the Club World Cup and China will soon have a more intimate contact: Alibaba Group has just won the Club World Cup eight years of naming rights from FIFA, which means that Chinese capital began to participate in rulemaking high in the football stadium activity. If nothing else, the 2019 Club World Cup will be held for the first time on the Chinese territory, at the gates of the Chinese fans will be able to enjoy the high-profile, wealthy dialogue between high-level championship continent.

Guangzhou Hengda and the Mexican American team is the representative of the highest in Asia and South America, the two teams played in the club level, their chests are actually advertising uniform of Chinese enterprises, China's capital at the rate of expansion of world football, far ahead in Chinese football. In 1994, the domestic A A game just born, Italy AC Milan for the first visit to China. This game opened the business precedent, Chinese enterprises also will be involved in international football. The real football influential marketing event, the 2010 World Cup should be the first time China's sponsors, the world began to focus on China's strength. Thus, FIFA, major European leagues and clubs are competing to the Chinese market, look for potential gold master. They cooperate with the Chinese market, mostly in three ways: First, the international tournament held in China arrangements, such as the International Cup, the South American Super Cup Derby; second, wealthy Chinese line team, make some friendly competition; third, the last few years to happen, Chinese enterprises directly sponsoring the league or club.

Just be satisfied with past business practices to buy advertising compared to the Chinese enterprises are now beginning to develop business cooperation programs in line with the trend of international perspective, such as the global smart phone brand OPPO Barcelona in the summer to become an official partner, known as the art of football OPPO said the Barcelona and the pursuit of perfection and artistic sense of product performance coincides with the bilateral cooperation in addition to advertising, as well as customized mobile phones, fans activities. Some netizens even joked Club World Cup the most talked about races simply "Chinese civil war": Hengda Taobao Huawei sponsored team won the Mexican-American team, will have to face OPPO sponsored Cosmos Barcelona, ​​do not forget the World Club World Cup is now the title sponsor of the same Chinese companies.

Star-studded Club World Cup, not only in Barcelona as the representative of international football giants again flashed the charm of the art football stadium, it is also the best time for more Chinese brands in the stage show, but it is possible only just begun.

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