Blatter: Messi C Luo hard to compete with all the punished Real Madrid Barcelona

Recently, Blatter accepted the Spanish "World Sports Daily" interview, revealed in an interview Blatter FIFA Disciplinary Committee for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have launched an investigation, if there is evidence that the youth camp of the two clubs The introduction of small players and Barcelona has also made the same mistake, then they will suffer penalties.

Being "off-limits" Blatter said FIFA's disciplinary committee if verified Madrid duo irregularities in the introduction of small players, so they are facing penalties prohibit the introduction of players. Blatter said: "The investigation has ended, but I now suffer punishment, I do not know what they prescribe ticket, because the Disciplinary Board is to operate independently, but now I can not even enter the FIFA headquarters but since. Barcelona suffer punishment for violation of FIFA regulations that Madrid if the two clubs are making the same mistakes, so normal, then they will suffer the same punishment. "

Blatter also said: "Barcelona probably wrong with FIFA confrontation, in fact seek dialogue would be better if, in football, the dialogue can always play a better role." On the problem of illegal introduction of young players, Barcelona FIFA has been a tough fight, which leads to pain killers under FIFA final.

For alleged violations of the introduction of adolescent problems, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid club have said they are acting according to the rules, with particular attention to compliance with player transfers specified in Article 19. The provisions, except under certain circumstances, otherwise the club can not introduce 18 players.

FIFA spokesman said on Monday, FIFA is collecting relevant information and documents in order to properly assess the matter, it has not yet launched a disciplinary investigation confirmed, but is also unable to provide more information.

Blatter also expressed the hope personally awarded the Golden Globe trophy aspirations, "I presented a Golden Globe trophy full of great expectations, I hope in my occur after the ethics committee, everything can be resolved."

Who won the Golden Globe for problems, Blatter did not give a direct answer, "I can not make a choice between Messi, C Ronaldo and Neymar, the three players are very good."

In an interview with "World Sports Daily" interview, Blatter also refuted the outside add to his "devil" of the title, but also denied that FIFA is an organization with the underworld. He also talked about his relationship with Michel Platini, the Spanish Football Association President Vera, he is currently suffering from stress and other issues.

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