Henry: Messi strong like freaks but the greatest teammate is another man


Double Tap Henry Arsenal and Barcelona and who played alongside Lionel Messi, so for Macy's ability, Henry has admiration body cast. In a recent interview with Sky Sports News, Henry once again praised Messi, strong like a freak, but worked most talk about their great teammate, but insisted that Henry Bergkamp.

Henry said: "Bergkamp is the best I have worked with great teammate, seven years, and his cooperation, I have seen him every training, his long be able to maintain a high state why I think it is because of him.? always able to do in the game the team needs him to do. I really admire him, he can score goals, but also be able to pass at the right time, he was always dedicated to respect every game. "

Henry praised Lionel Messi and Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry praised Zidane

"As for Messi, I must say he's like a freak strong, I think the fans may have not understood what this kid is doing. Messi and players like Zidane, you are not to follow, because they do that ordinary people can not be copied. "

Besides Henry also mentioned Xavi, Iniesta, Vieira, Ibrahimovic and Yaya - Toure, etc., in his view, these are great players.

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