Escaped Michalis:! Afraid of being fired AC Milan team kicked Features


AC Milan beat Sampdoria 2-0 to break into the Italian Cup quarter-finals, after the game to win the game Mihajlovic told "Rai" interview, said he was not afraid of being fired Rossoneri and opinion in the Serbian coach, Milan kicked out of the game its own characteristics.

Earlier media broke the news that, after a 1-1 draw in Verona, AC Milan club president Silvio Berlusconi performance of the team and Miha very unhappy about the sound Milkha class after another. This Milkha said: "I do not consider these things, I just do my job I think have a strong personality, these rumors like duck's back water, a slide and fall (alluding not ignore. criticism)."

Miha continued: "I'm not worried the team, because we are in a good level of training we are a united team, then we fight Carpi, which is not easy Carpi who beat Fiorentina. But I hope for the future. "

The face of the game the last five games to take only one win in Sampdoria, AC Milan's goal naturally is to beat the opponent to the next round of the competition. "We must win, and we did it. Tonight we show the characteristics of AC Milan, if the last round we can beat Verona, then that is 9 to get 18 points, an average of a 2 points. If you have been this way, We will be able to enter the Champions League. "

Milkha had previously coached the past two seasons at Sampdoria, returning to a familiar place Mijares mixed feelings: "Mala Xi stadium will always be my home, I am pleased to be able to go home to see my hope AC. Milan and Sampdoria can play better, and I am sure Montella do the job. "

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