The fastest exposure Gaal warned Manchester United lose a class this week to get out

Manchester United have failed in recent 6 games to win, bad record to coach Louis van Gaal on pins and needles. The latest news includes a number of "independent", "The Guardian", "Daily Mirror", "The Telegraph", including the British media, Manchester United has issued a warning to Van Gaal, and then lose a game he It would be fired, but Mourinho has become the most popular successor.

English Premier League this weekend will usher in the Christmas schedule, two opponents were Manchester United Stoke City and Chelsea, "The Independent" and "The Guardian," the message have said, this is Van Gaal last chance to save themselves, and if lost two games in any match, Van Gaal will be fired. In other words, in the fastest cases, if Manchester United lose to Stoke on Saturday, Van Gaal will be swept out of the Red Devils.

Norwich before losing to the press conference, Van Gaal's usual tough and confident, when asked if would be fired, he said:. "This does not depend on me, I think we need to wait and see executives still support me, but in this world you can never know what will happen. "six consecutive games without a win, plus the Champions League, League Cup were out early, Van Gaal obviously some lack of confidence.

Mike Mussina are willing to take over Manchester United this season, Mike Mussina are willing to take over Manchester United this season

"Independent newspaper" the source said, although Van Gaal insisted that the players still support themselves, but in fact the Manchester United dressing room of players who have had enough of Van Gaal, tactics and management style of the Dutch let the players feel uncomfortable. Van Gaal liked the game let analyst Max - Larkell analysis of the game, and great views on his Manchester United players. The paper said that although the Glazer family and the school still believes Manchester United vice-chairman Woodward Van Gaal, but after consecutive losses to Bournemouth and Norwich, they are under great pressure, high-rise had to re-evaluate the current situation. Van Gaal only two games to save his job, face Stoke City and Chelsea, any failure will result in a lose his own job.

Mourinho, Guardiola and Ryan Giggs are likely to be Van Gaal's replacement, but from a practical point of view, Mourinho is undoubtedly the biggest favorites. Melon handsome to go to the end of the season would leave Bayern, Giggs lack of experience, and Mike Mussina now stay at home, and very willing to coming out as soon as possible, the British media has reported Mike Mussina's brokerage team the initiative to contact the Manchester United. Yesterday, the "Sunday Times" message also said that if Manchester United needs, Mike Mussina are willing to put out the fire in this coming season, he was ready. British media and brightest gaming companies are optimistic about Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho to replace Louis van Gaal.

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