Superb killer wants to go to Real Madrid Chelsea Manchester City eyeing winter


And Rayo Vallecano game for Benzema, it is also the best gift before Christmas, when deep sex video blackmail scandal, the French with a hat-trick to prove his worth on the pitch, it is worth mentioning that the game is at Real Madrid Benzema 200th league matches, plus a hat-trick victory in a crazy, Frenchman can go on vacation with a happy mood.

Benzema is to join Real Madrid in the summer of 2009, in order to introduce the French striker, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez had personally to visit. Until now, he has played 200 games for Real Madrid in La Liga game, to score 98, the rate on field goals, the Benzema though not compared with C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as superstar, but he belongs class striker ranks.

Benzema is a hat-trick in the second half, the game the first 48 minutes, J Luo pass, Benzema restricted left side 8 yards Tuishe far corner of the net, Real Madrid 5-2 lead. The first 79 minutes, Modric pass, Benzema 12 yards incident left corner, 9-2. The first 90 minutes, left the restricted area back to stop Heikki Zupančič, Benzema 15 yards left foot shot towards the ball at the net, 10-2. This is his 15 goals this season, which scored 11 league goals.

After the game, "Aspen" Comments said: "Real Madrid Benzema BBC combination of the most alert player, which made him a hat-trick of his flow, Rayo Vallecano defense collapsed opportunities for their increased use. goal, his goals in the league has reached 11.

6 200 games in the league, in fact, from Pellegrini to Benitez, in addition to Mourinho had objections, the other coaches evaluate Benzema are high. In this game scored three goals, the history of La Liga Real Madrid Benzema also scored 97 goals scorer beyond Michel, which is made 97 goals in 11 seasons. In terms of total goals Benzema Real Madrid played 294 games, scoring 148 goals, averaging 0.5 goals is French striker of Real Madrid is now the top scorer history ranked 11 players.

On the pitch, Benzema and C Ronaldo and Bell perfect penetration, and now no one can doubt the importance of Benzema in Real Madrid squad, he is the best of all the players on the Real Madrid striker partner. On the data, this is also the highest of Real Madrid Benzema scoring efficiency for a season, just turned 28 years old Benzema, Real Madrid still have the opportunity to rewrite the record.

OTC, Benzema is in the most difficult situation after joining Real Madrid, since the alleged sex video blackmail team-mate Valbuena, he is lawsuits, and also the French national team temporarily isolate.

Recently, however, Benzema continuous goal to counter all kinds of problems. In the worst of times, he demonstrated the best goal state. However, Benzema Real Madrid is still a little disappointed, according to the British "Daily Mirror" reported, Benzema intends to leave, Chelsea and Manchester City are concerned about the situation of the striker.

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