Shame! He did not hit 360 million Manchester City riddled this 6.7 million> 100 million

Arsenal against Manchester City, the Premier League this powerful duel between twenty-three, people seem more powerful lineup of Manchester City have high hopes, but the Blue Moon Legion was a disappointing loss to Arsenal, if not Arsenal lack opportunity, Manchester City might also lose more ugly. At this time, Manchester City fans the most memorable, is probably injured the captain Compagni.

The game starts out in a row, I feel better than Arsenal to Manchester City on paper stronger, not only Silva and Aguero two gods homing, Mangala also back in time, to fill up Demichelis big hole, it can be said, except wear work because of tactical reasons to Stirling on the bench outside, this lineup is almost in the case of Manchester City Kompany's absence theoretically strongest lineup, but who had expected to think, This is less Compagni "strongest team" in front of the gunmen sharp counterattack, so vulnerable ......

The game, work wear in order to strengthen the defense, came at the expense of more sharp break Stirling, and the defense and interception Deer Fu put a relatively good start, but did not see results. If the first goal Manchester City has a certain ingredient is emitted Walcott own good, then conceded the second from Manchester City's dilemma, it is thoroughly them "defense-day mission," their stuffed under the consequences.

This incredible Mangala Mangala foot pass this incredible foot pass
Around half stoppage time, was the first to penetrate the world wave Walcott Manchester City are trying to control door rhythm, who knows Mangala in the backcourt somehow came to the near 德尔夫 half lob pass incredible, Deer Fu The thigh carried to face the fast could barely met, but unfortunately was broken. After this pass was off, Ozil was quickly kissing, assists Giroux broke, this time, the soldiers face Manchester City have a look of chagrin. We can say that the ball Mangala this failure caused the destruction of the Blue Moon Legion morale.

Mangala success Chanqiang only once Mangala solitary solitary success Chanqiang only once
The first half has been played so bad, to the second half Manchester City even more passive. 52 minutes, Mangala staged eyes defense, Campbell 6 yards on foot Tui hit high, 10 minutes later, Arsenal also won single-handedly kick six yards, Hart closed out the face by the ball. The most shameful is 10 minutes Houlamuse position the ball in the arc, Manchester City three guards up folder defense, did not think the Welsh flash turn maneuvers, twist left and right twist tease defense trio, flute is no confusion between a man off the next ball, but fortunately he should have scored with the last kick hit the high, if at the time Ramsey ball to the wing, the consequences could be disastrous ...... In addition to the two goals, but Arsenal also created scoring five times in an absolute sense opportunity, if not a little better luck Manchester City, the massacre is not impossible!

There is no Kompany Manchester City is two teams there Kompany Manchester City are two teams

From the start of the season after the unstoppable wave of five-game winning streak a ball king of the division is not lost, but now ate defeat, the defense teams as pseudo-papered, what happened, happened to Manchester City so much change? Data demonstrate that the root cause is Kompany's absence. Prior to the start of the game, "Sky Sports" specialized statistics, in the presence of Compagni Premier League, Manchester City 8 war 7 times zero closure opponents, a total of only Diuguo ball, Kompany's absence in the game, Manchester City 8 battle no one zero closure opponents, lost 16 balls! If you count this, that 9 war lost 18 balls! It can be said that once there is no Kompany, Manchester City's 360 million-ho array averaging nearly two to throw the ball more, completely beaten into a sieve!

Ironically, the Compagni or consortium Mansour took over Manchester City signings before the 2008 oil capital settled before Manchester City, Mark - Hughes with 6.7 million pounds from Hamburg bought Compagni, self Here, the Belgians became Manchester City defense doing my Stand. And after that, Manchester City spent hundreds of millions of pounds, to introduce defensive line Sarnia, Demichelis, Otamendi, Mangala, Clichy, including more than players, however, as the ball Compagni the most likely one team gates never changed. Today, Manchester City's defense was again one hundred million explosion, Manchester City fans around the world can only pray that the Belgian defender struggling to quickly return fire, do not know the Blue Moon Legion money in the Mansour family feel?

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