Premier League's most underrated double king! Arsenal is eligible for the new Bergkamp Henry +

One of the greatest charm of football is changing, the clock dial to three or four months ago, early in the season, Arsenal attack hysteresis, Giroux and Walcott have not found the best condition, Wenger does not buy the striker last transfer window was condemned for a time, all the pressure in Giroux and Walcott on them. Go back today, 2-1, when Walcott and Giroux has two goals with Manchester City and a defeat to the big, you have to admire the courage Wenger against all the odds, do not buy new striker The "gambling" courage.

"I want to thank Wenger's confidence." Before the game, on the recent state of excellent Giroux says, France is undoubtedly the recent focus of the center, even the field goals he almost reached a career-best state, away hat-trick Arsenal in the Champions League group stage well qualify jaws, then took away a penalty opened the scoring three points for the team, this game against Manchester City, Giroux with a second goal to continue to help the team win. This is the first 15 goals in all competitions this season, Giroux, the first 10 Premier League, Premier League matches throughout 2015, only Kane (25 goals) more than he. Wenger several weeks ago bluntly: Giroux may be your mouth, "top striker."

Giroux Giroux large range coordinate large range coordinate teammates
Data, back soon, "Little Tiger" Walcott rather than "big Giroux" as bright, but the opening goal in this field is quite beautiful, in a sense, Ozil assists this one may even be regarded as the world's waves "brush" and even this goal is reminiscent of 2004 when Henry scored at home against Manchester City, when Henry go past Sun Jihai hit the far corner, Walcott is facing gunmen Jiujiang Thani Asia. Walcott this goal, or the tournament in 2015 Arsenal scored the first 100 goals.

Amazing is that, Walcott and Giroux's goal, it is the gunman in the game in the first leg of the second foot shot, and after Manchester City already have a 4-foot shot. Strong dialogue efficiency is everything, wasted an opportunity in the after Walcott and Giroux immediately give the Belgians a lesson, Walcott world wave, Giroux's cool to play Hart small doors, reflects the extraordinary striker instinct. Not only that, they also have gradually wash away the beginning of the season, "repeatedly wasted opportunity," the censure, the beginning of the season, "buy Benzema," the voice also died down. What's more, the best center in France in 2015 in the Arsenal, in 2015 the French top scorer of the tournament, Giroux 32 goals ranked first, aller (31 goals), Gelieziman (29 goals), Kyrgyzstan Nyack (28 goals) and Karim Benzema (25 goals) are behind him.

Henry and Bergkamp was Arsenal Golden Spear Henry and Bergkamp was Arsenal Golden Spear

As Gunners striker predecessors, live on Sky Sports commentary Arsenal legend Henry saw this performance in two naturally happy in my heart. Arsenal's formation is now nominally 4231, but Walcott and Giroux when they both play, especially Walcott left occurs when more and more sought scoring chances, Arsenal striker court rendered The contents of 10 years ago, more and more like 442 double striker combination, then, "Henry + Bergkamp," the perfect combination is justifiable first Premiership strike partner, the passage of time, the owner of two numbers Walcott and Robin van Persie have also seen the shadow people of this combination. Walcott and Robin van Persie's departure long plagued by injuries, people sometimes forget this topic. But now, when Walcott scored again a "Henry" type of goal, when the ability to coordinate Giroux getting excellent play their own level, who will then float to the surface memories?

Walcott from Henry still has a long distance, speed, and run without the ball, but really not strive; Giroux ball style and the "Bergkamp elegance" do not touch, but in practicality and the scoring rate Prince ice with a ratio. From criticism to praise, this combination may be the Premier League's most underrated striker combination. Arsenal last won the Premier League trophy, Henry and Dennis Bergkamp up front god stop killing the Buddha kill the Buddha, contributed. Today Walcott and Giroux both shoulders again for Arsenal to win the league title the mission, 12-year cycle, the Arsenal squad have also gone after the low level of the adjustment to a new height. This time, why not?

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