Legend: Van Gaal 3 days of class were exposed with Manchester United Ryan Giggs clean


Recently, with Guardiola and Mourinho have been ready to change two world marshal old club, Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal's job seemed shaky, plus the day before yesterday, "Sun" broke the news Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United executives met to discuss Van Gaal fate of the issue, the Netherlands Marshal's job even more precarious, recently, the renowned German football legend Fuyuetuofu on that Van Gaal would class before Christmas.

Fuyuetuofu once in the Premiership football, played for Middlesbrough, his move to the Premier League and Bundesliga players and the team is well aware of the insider, it can often irreparably broke unique. He recently said on Twitter: "I have two days under the circumstances with a lot of stakeholders have learned, Van Gaal is likely before Christmas to class by Ryan Giggs took his pointer Ruti." That is, now only three days away from Van Gaal class time.

However, Ryan Giggs, Manchester United will replace Van Gaal took over the issue, "Football tribe," the experts are cautious. According to the "Daily Star" reported that Manchester United CEO Woodward how to deal with Ryan Giggs of Manchester United now the number two man was quite a headache (agonising). In the past 18 months, Ryan Giggs has served as Van Gaal's right-hand man, and he has been regarded as a legend and a symbol of the spirit of Manchester United, with a large number of supporters, they deserved retirement after Van Gaal access Manchester United pointer.

Mike Mussina can tolerate such a big brother Ryan Giggs do Mussina can tolerate such heavyweights do Ryan Giggs

But now, Ryan Giggs is likely to be Van Gaal's tactical and strategic regulations and a failure to get involved. Right now, Manchester United executives with between Mourinho closer together, which means that if Mourinho then took over Manchester United, the Red Devils management will likely put together Welsh and Van Gaal to leave. Ryan Giggs prestige because the team is too high, too much influence in the dressing room, deep-rooted, which is bound to affect the prestige of the players in the establishment of new coach, Mourinho again Jagged army is known, he must establish that he can single-handedly control the locker room. Mike Mussina in order to be able to take root Manchester United Ryan Giggs may have to make room.

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