Getting mad at the end of the rotation system Enrique Barcelona generals of the season he may have to leave

Barcelona on Sunday in Yokohama, Japan got the third seat National Stadium Club World Cup trophy in club history, the Barcelona players are smiling, laughter, only one exception. Teershite roots in a very different way through Barcelona's championship celebration. He and his teammates appear together in the group photo after winning, but his face is very serious, in fact, he almost did not smile after the game, and Barcelona players happy face stark contrast.

The Club World Cup, Enrique did not give Teershite root a minute of playing time. Guangzhou Hengda, Teershite root is the bench, everyone agrees that the Club World Cup final, he will start the game, when Enrique will choose the rotation, this summer the Spanish Super Cup two games, Enrique It did.

However Teershite root still did not get one minute of playing time, Enrique decided amazingly angered the German goalkeeper. Enrique goes to solve this difficult problem. Teershite root joined Barcelona last summer, after leaving Valdez, he was hoping to become the team's goalkeeper. However, the case of Enrique's arrival to make changes, Barcelona coach did not want to take risks at the goalkeeper position, he asked the club to the introduction of the Bravo.

Barcelona goalkeeper coach recommended his very understanding towards Enrique Bravo. Enrique Barcelona coach's first season has made a difficult decision, he let Bravo kicks Liga, while Teershite roots are playing in the Champions League and King's Cup match. However, this decision to the two players are not satisfied, Teershite root made some remarks, expressed some of their grievances, but he accepted the status quo, after all, it was his first year at Barcelona. This season, because Bravo to the team late and suffered injuries, some of the main Teershite root kick, but then assign roles to repeat again.

But Teershite root is the belief that they can play the World Club Cup, Enrique would not let him play for a minute it is possible consequences, because the German goalkeeper has begun to consider leaving Barcelona after the end of the season may be. He thought he joined Barcelona did not come off the bench, but now the coach more confidence Bravo.

Teershite root hope I can become a German national team goalkeeper, but continue so Tixia Qu in Barcelona, ​​he will be very bad in the national team's prospects. He knew that in other leagues, such as English Premier League, they have a good reputation, the future he did not rule out any possibility, but so far he has not made any decision.

Enrique must make a decision. Next to see Teershite root in the King's Cup and Champions League matches will continue to gain the trust of whether, in fact, the King's Cup on Biliyanuo text is plug play Maxi Pu. More importantly, Enrique must make Teershite root believe, on the long run, the coaching staff is to trust him.

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