Messi: Ronaldinho asked me to take over the number 10 shirt Secret dressing room past


Old Ronaldinho Messi left the shirts, jerseys and as the owner of the turnover, Barcelona has also ushered in regime change. Brazilians let Barcelona fans smile again, and Messi make Barca into the outbreak. Barcelona TV "on the 10th of gift," the program, Messi and Ronaldinho talked about their relationship with Barcelona, ​​but also revealed some secrets between each other and in the locker room.

Then Messi at Barcelona two team, often follow the Barcelona first team training. Messi said: "Those two players team up sitting on the other side of the locker room, locker room is U-shaped, we sit in front of that one day they told me I could sit on the other side, so do not sit on this side of the.."

At that time, a position Ronaldinho closet next to empty. Messi said: "There is a position empty closet, he and Deco, Motta cabinets are in this area, they let me sit next to be honest at first I could not believe, I say no, but small. Luo let me sit beside them. "

With Ronaldinho the warmth of the gesture, and they are on the pitch and training cooperation, the two established a friendship remains today. Ronaldinho disclose how their friendship is formed: "He was a very simple person, very calm, he sat in the locker room next to me, we have the opportunity to begin a genuine friendship."

Messi said: "Everyone told me dressing room are good, and he is particularly good for me to enter the locker room is not easy, but he let me quickly into the locker room I feel very comfortable, very free. just Ronnie, dressing everyone very good to me. "

Ronaldinho recalled the past, noting that he Macy's first memories was born in the match against Albacete, "when he scored the first goal, is to play with me, passing me. I always remember our time together playing, his career began. to be part of the start of his career, which I recall very warm period. I'm looking for him on the court, watching him, something very simple . "

Massey recalled after scoring themselves overwhelmed after he jumped Brazilian Ronaldinho came back, "into the first ball is incredible celebration is natural, then I do not know how to do, he came up I would jump on his back, after everything is unbelievable. "

Messi through the 30th and the 19th shirts, Ronaldinho in 2008 he inherited the number 10 shirt. Messi revealed that Ronaldinho personal meaning, "in the months before he left, to see some happening, the idea of ​​the mind has to leave, he told me, I want to take over his number." Massey said He accepted this arrangement, but he did not dare compared with superstar Ronaldinho, "did not think he was wearing jersey No. 10 in Barcelona to establish what had merit, otherwise I can not take this number when I took the number."

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