injustice! Chelsea star: I'm not a traitor to prove innocence Mike Mussina on the court

Although with the passage of time, Mourinho from Chelsea has been the class of the storm subsided, but left school before Mike Mussina has not crack an unsolved case, that is, whether there is a traitor Chelsea intentionally "do away" Mike Mussina? Who, if any, you are? Because the Blues legend - Pat Nevin's remarks, Fabregas has become a "traitor" on the cusp. According to the "Daily Mirror" reported a small law through legal means to recover his innocence.

Chelsea legend, now the secretary football commentator - Pat Nevin BBC to attend a show, when host Mike Mussina said his players lack of initiative: "Chelsea have players would rather lose the game also reluctant to Mourinho . win "- Pat Nevin then took the Buddist said:"? That is Fabregas said, is not it news came out, I think that Cesc - Cesc Fabregas, which in his game have appeared. "This is a comment caused an uproar, many people put Fabregas as a team as" The Ghost "direct evidence.

Angry fans of the little law called the team's rat angry fans called the small law team of mice
Subsequently, angry Fabregas on - Pat Nevin took legal means to claim the Scottish Oprah apologized for his inappropriate remarks, and restore the right of reputation. After that, - Pat Nevin and BBC for small law publicly apologized. Fabregas is on Twitter responded:. "See - Pat Nevin BBC apology and I am very pleased, I hope that we can believe in, I Hemu handsome relationship between the exceptionally good year for our team coaches and team performance are so disappointed, we will certainly perk up "

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