The most fierce shot! Higuain when the small three? Blooming goddess for his divorce


Argentine Higuain this season, catching performance on the pitch, has scored 16 league goals for the Naples. But off the court he was very proud of chic, according to Italian media broke the news, Higuain as a third party to insert the Serie goddess of Belem marriage, causing her to divorce her husband.

Known as the godmother of Belem Serie A on Wednesday announced the divorce from her husband, but according to Italian media, "Football Market", "Corriere dello Sport" and broke the news, the reasons for her divorce novelty! On a television program, Belem and Higuain met, the program they also danced some tango together, who knows two fellow Argentine Jiaxizhenzuo, the role of screen lovers moved to life, this hooked into rape, Serie A and thus also the goddess of marriage breakdown.

Belem household name in Italian football, Argentine supermodel and Bolie Luo, Vieri, Coronado, who have had intercourse. But in 2013, she suddenly announced and Stefano - De Martino married and a son were sterile.

Higuain also a bit in love the prodigal son, is also fond of poaching. Gago girlfriend Luciana, Parma goalkeeper Mirante girlfriend Chiara are Higuain hooked too, Mirante and Higuain also came close to blows in the game.

Even marriage is also bundled with a live horse, one is dedicated to the others kicked horseback horse trainer, Higuain and Belem can be perfect for each other. Small pipe does not like the new keyhole, high above the Serie A goddess is such a secret love of eating the forbidden fruit irritation.

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