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According to Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" reported that Real Madrid would like to introduce this winter Wolfsburg fullback Ricardo - Rodriguez, but it should be noted that Rodriguez is a Ming Basa fans, his best hope or join the Nou Camp.

According to "Daily Sport newspaper," saying that Real Madrid is exploring the introduction of this winter may be a left-back, the Bernabeu executives hope left-back can compete with Marcelo. In fact, after Coentrao in Real Madrid on loan to Monaco, the team left back position, there is no reliable backup.

Real Madrid players are now selected Ricardo - Rodriguez, the Swiss player has a typical Spanish name, this is because he has a mixed-race background, Chile and Spain, his mother is Chilean, and his father is Spanish plus Lycian people. It is reported that Benitez requires Florentino introduce a series of players during the winter, while Ricardo - Rodriguez is one of them.

This is not the first time Real Madrid followed for Ricardo - Rodriguez. Real Madrid this summer, wanted to introduce Rodriguez, but the players refused to leave the Bundesliga, so this transfer frustrated. Rodriguez said at the time: "Invitation is very interesting, but I was Wolfsburg players will continue to stay in Wolfsburg." The Swiss striker said he was interested in Real Madrid rumors "just rumors", but the reality is not the case, Real Madrid are really interested in him.

Rodriguez was 22 years old this year, the beginning of the season he had just renewed with Wolfsburg until 2019. "Daily Sport newspaper," said Rodriguez rejected the reason why Real Madrid, a big reason is that he most wants to join Barcelona. Rodriguez speaks fluent Spanish, he has had his own style of football Barcelona admirers, but there were times, his fate and Barcelona almost cross.

The first time was at the end of 2011, when the members of the academy Rodriguez or Zurich team, Barcelona club wanted to recruit him to La Masia youth training camp. Barcelona club player information obtained is great, but for a lot of clubs interested Rodriguez, Dynamo Kiev, Shakhtar Donetsk, Sevilla, Villarreal, Paris Saint-Germain, Wolfsburg are interested in him, eventually Wolfsburg in the best condition to be included in the team.

Barcelona would like to introduce the second time Rodriguez was in the summer of 2013, when Eric Abidal left the Nou Camp, Adriano left is also unknown whether the club had to consider the introduction of a player when Alba bench. However, although the player himself intentionally, requires high transfer fee the club Wolfsburg move allows abortion again.

Rodriguez is an avid Barcelona fans, in an interview, Rodriguez more than once said:. "Whenever possible, I will watch the Barcelona game is my favorite player Puyol, because of his professionalism and admirable personality. I like Alves, like his attacking style. "

However, "the daily sports newspaper" admits Rodriguez's future may still be at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid's big check if can persuade Wolfsburg release, then the Bernabeu will be able to get an excellent fullback, although this Name backs disclose their early love of Barcelona style.

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