Manchester United shocked sinner open Rolls-Royce training mate! Pakistan has become the second God


This season, Manchester United the most disappointing signings, no doubt the team spent 31 million pounds of Pres, he not only is no performance on the pitch, even more headaches, he also style high profile on the sidelines, dressed weird frequently become the focus of the media. According to "People Daily" reported that in the major mistakes made by the team after losing the next day, Pres opened a Rolls-Royce Phantom to the Manchester United training base, his teammates jumped.

Pres This appearance ...... Pres this appearance ......
On the weekend, Manchester United against Stoke City game, we headed back to top Pres stupid mistakes, sent directly to the opponents of the Oolong assists, becoming the Red Devils 0-2 Laputa culprit, all British media together He blasted the move stupid together. However, after that incident, he did not get rid of his high-profile style of meaning, on the contrary, he dressed with a hip-hop singer, like the next day, driving a car worth £ 240,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom He came to the Carrington training. So perverse acting style, disobedience, but rather is a second ballot.

It is reported that stunt Pres within these high income team chiefs are stirring up a commotion, because the Manchester United star, although many of them wealthy Zhu Er, but training is often low-key, open luxury car to training is not too much see. According to media reports, it is not known, Pres luxury car in the end is to buy their own, or borrowed specifically to scare his teammates.

Previously, because of the off-site event Pres frequently was exposed, first exposed by Giggs criticized, then ridiculed because Robin van Persie in the Dutch national team training: "You are the big brother how you go Fenerbahce go ? "and cause the team infighting.

Chelsea's interim coach Guus Hiddink also evaluated the Manchester United star, he said: "Pres is a young man, in the Netherlands period, he was a star, when he was still very young age, you know that time is indeed at this age the Netherlands. Meisha star, so he is considered a super genius, but apparently he did not adapt to the English football Premiership came after intense rhythm. A lot of players have had at this stage, not just him, I think he still needs time, he has this talent, but he needs some experienced players to help him. "

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