Mourinho Ten Confidential: linguistic genius! A woman's physical education teacher edge

Like Mourinho claimed as his own, he is special. There is no doubt he is one of the world's most capable coach, but he is also due to uninhibited personality provoked a lot of controversy. About the rich personality charisma coach has ten past maybe you've never heard of.

1.2000 invitation 's refusal to Newcastle United

Mourinho has refused to Bobby - Robson invite Mourinho has refused to Bobby - Robson's invitation
In 2004, Mourinho himself admitted, he had rejected four years ago, a Bobby - Robson invitation. Then Bobby - Robson would like to invite Mourinho to Newcastle United as his assistant coach, but Mourinho said: "He told me as an assistant coach is only temporary, and after a year, I will serve as coach . "

In the last century, Mourinho is any Barcelona coach Bobby - Robson translation, Sir Bobby Robson also regarded Mourinho's mentor. But after being invited Mourinho refused flatly: "I do not accept his invitation, I know that my success time will come sooner or later." Sure enough, in 2004, Mourinho led Porto boarded the Top of Europe, which also earned him Chelsea's favor.

2. had boarded the "Rolling Stone" magazine cover

Mike Mussina board the "Rolling Stone" cover Mussina board the "Rolling Stone" cover
2011 end of the year, Mourinho was nominated for "Annual Rock Star" thus boarded the Spanish version of "Rolling Stone" magazine December cover. Magazine about his arrogance arrogance, spot wit, as well as in dealing with the media that provocative attitude. Magazine also introduced in Portugal, England and Italy football, Mourinho won the Coach of the Year honors in 2010, he has been awarded the FIFA Coach of the Year award, saying Mourinho is able to combine family and men work.

3. To stop publishing his personal biography

Mike Mussina Mike Mussina's biography biography
In 2004, a man named "Mourinho - Portugal create" a biography issued in the market, this book by Portuguese writer Louis - Lorenzo book, the book has a description of Mourinho's family and fear for his family, so Mourinho requested to stop release of this book, but he did not succeed, then this book has become a bestseller, sold 15,000. Mike Mussina this matter go to court, but the judge dismissed his lawsuit on the grounds that Mike Mussina did not have enough reason to intervene in this book's publication, and writers in the media sector to safeguard freedom, democracy, pluralism of cultures in the context of the exercise of the right to freedom of speech and information.

The linguistic genius! Six words can say

Mike Mussina is a language genius Mike Mussina is a language genius
Barcelona as a translator is very famous Mourinho an experience, since become a well-known coach, he was "translated" tag has become increasingly faded. In fact, Mike Mussina said the six countries can predict, including Portuguese, English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and French. Mourinho believes will help him so much foreign language to communicate, although once as Bobby - Robson translation, but Mourinho and do not like their own branded this title.

5. hiding in the laundry bucket lecture to the team?

Hiding in the laundry bucket lecture to the players to the players hiding in the laundry bucket lecture
2004-05 Champions League last season, Mourinho at Chelsea's game against Barcelona due to slip of the tongue punished, not allowed to participate in the Champions League quarter against Bayern Munich game. But allegedly before and during the intermission, Mourinho hiding in the locker room of the tub to convey instructions to the team, to avoid being discovered UEFA staff.

6. The school drop-out day

Mike Mussina do not want the mother to his business school enrollment on Mike Mussina reluctant mother to his business school enrollment
Mourinho's mother - Mary - Julia had wanted his son to become a businessman, when he was 23 years old, his mother thought he certainly can not be a successful football player, and he signed up as a Buyer College, but only on the day of Mourinho he dropped out. According to his mother, he said he did not immediately become a perfectionist in the beginning to become a coach, but he then began to slowly become claim everything neat and orderly. However, his mother is also a lot of controversy that this biography acknowledged that the relationship between family members Mourinho is not entirely pleasant.

7. Girls edge of physical education teacher

Physical education teacher, the girls do not escape physical education a handsome handsome physical education teacher, physical education of girls do not escape
Before Mourinho became coach, he has worked as a physical education teacher in Portugal. According to one of his students said, Mourinho is very attractive to female students: "Before he came, no girl is willing to go to gym class, but he came, no one went to the doctor for a sick leave Article of. "Portugal was removed in a few schools do a five-year physical education teacher, he began a coaching career dream trip. Not been able to become a successful footballer is inspired him to become outstanding coach desires.

8. Help Tsunami Relief

Auction to raise money for his coat his coat auction to raise money for charity
In 2005, Mourinho has auctioned off a jacket, and the resulting money donated to the group meeting Asian tsunami relief organizations and other charitable organizations. One of the organizers recalled, when Mike Mussina that coat the final sale price of 20,005 28 million euros, became part of that disaster relief fund-raising total 540,005 one thousand pounds of donations. The auction was organized by Mike Mussina's four friends, including film director Attenborough's son, he lost his wife, daughter and mother in the tsunami that.

9. holds a Ph.D.

Mourinho received a doctorate Mourinho received his Ph.D.
2009, in view of his outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of professional football, degree awarded to Dr. Jose Mourinho Technical University of Lisbon. It was 20 years ago, he graduated from the university and majoring in physical education and sport specialty. The university said it was in recognition of Mourinho led Porto to win the 2003 European Cup and the 2004 Champions League, and led Chelsea in the 2004-05 season and the 2005-06 season, won two consecutive Premier League. The doctorate has become a Mussina career more than 30 personal honor in one of them.

10. The dog was arrested because police

Mike Mussina to calm the dog does not calm calm Mike Mussina did not order the dog calm

In May 2007, it was originally Mourinho is participating in the best club annual awards ceremony, but after receiving his wife's phone has always been calm flew with Mike Mussina left the scene. It turned out to be police officers and two animal epidemic prevention station to take away his pet dog to isolate the dog is suspected to have been taken abroad, without the permission of quarantine and returned to England. However, Mourinho is determined not to put their pets to officials, let the dog escape, he eventually was arrested by police on charges of obstruction of official duties police.

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