0 goals in nine games! Chelsea become the first Premier League abandoned


Scored twice! After the last round of the league scoring record was broken seven consecutive games, Everton striker Lukaku this field ended his short "ball shortage", unfortunately Everton in a thrilling game in the final 3 -4 lore Stoke City, but Loukakou with two goals in this field climbed to the top scorer, and the state of his season also justifiably claim to popular word.

Lukaku missed only three shots once Loukakou three shots missed only once
The game, the first to break Stoke City, but come forward with 后卢卡 library, the first 22 minutes after he received a pass calm McCarthy turned left foot low shot to tie the game in the center of the box, in Stoke exceeded again Loukakou in 64 minutes of receiving a long pass Cleverley, after stopping the chest in a small edge of the area right foot shot succeeded, two goals have demonstrated his outstanding ball skills and ability to grasp the opportunity, footed it is proved that his comprehensive. Loukakou the field a total of three shots scored two goals, very high efficiency, and he has for his teammates to create three chances.

This season, people pay more attention to Valdivia magical play, in fact Loukakou same terror. After scoring two goals league goals Loukakou has tied Valdivia, they have scored 15 goals, more important is the Val di goal in three penalties, while Luca Library 15 balls all warfare goals. Prior to joining Everton's third season, Loukakou tied his own single-season league scoring record at Everton, while he was with the 31 league games, and now he only took 19 games, distance yourself In the 2012-13 season, West Brom create personal single-season league scoring record (17 goals) and only a few steps, the last nine league games, the little crazy Warcraft has scored 10 goals.

Lukaku Lukaku scope of activities is not a small range of motion is not small
Compared with the hot state Loukakou, his former club Chelsea would be much distress, in the current round of the league, away to Manchester United in their due Diego - Costa suspension, Falcao and Remy injured, not able to send a first-team center in the first, only use no front array, you can only draw with Manchester United 0-0. And this season, Chelsea scored the three center only seven league goals (Costa 5 ball, the other two a ball), double Loukakou still more than three people together, Diego - Kos Tower three times.

2013, Chelsea with 28 million pounds to sell out Loukakou young, and now want to introduce an excellent striker, £ 28 million is obviously not enough. "People Daily" news that Mourinho before the class, including sports director Emeka Manalo, executive Graham Nuofu Si Kaja, including several high-ranking officials have pressed Chelsea Mourinho, the Portuguese claim to sell off Loukakou give a reasonable explanation. But recently in an interview, said he was leaving Chelsea Lukaku is a personal decision, and he revealed after signing with Everton, the first message is from Mourinho blessing.

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