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Van Gaal continued life success, despite Chelsea did not win, but United's performance finally rebounded, particularly evident on the scene some improvement, the Red Devils in midfield performance is more stable, and did not give Chelsea a lot of opportunities, which with return to the starting midfielder Shinaidelin after excellent play are inseparable.

"Daily Mail" said: "This is one of the best games in 1. Manchester United this season." The secret is probably in midfield. It is worth noting that, in a wave of three straight before them, two are Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick partner and Fellaini. This is almost a combination of no defense, Carrick's strengths lie in organization and scheduling, and increases with age, it is necessary to control the midfield, but also take into account the defense for him apparently powerless. The advantage Fellaini is offensive, despite the wind the ball tough, but he is not a midfielder meat grinder-type players, so the previous three games, Manchester United's midfield is actually far from ideal, it is believed to be losing important reason.

The campaign, Van Gaal in the starting lineup, the Carrick and Fellaini all won, came in combination with Shinaidelin of Schweinsteiger. After this combination play, Manchester United midfielder obvious waist more hard, but also more clear division of labor, and Schneider Forest in defense, while the pig is responsible for a combination attack. In the first half, Manchester United play like a duck, half the shots reached eight times, which is the third Manchester United this season, more than half the number of shots. Lineker even said: "This is the best one half kick Manchester United this season, the midfielder has obvious advantages."

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