Inter president hands Macy mate! Ace striker catching Serie 1

Early this morning, Inter Milan and Paris Saint-Germain a warm-up match, eventually Nerazzurri 0-1 small negative French giant. The game for Ravitch has a special meaning, it is possible to join a few days Houlaweiqi the game his rivals Inter Milan.

Inter coach Roberto Mancini at the pre-match press conference, has said it will work with Blanco on Ravitch transfer problem on the line of communication, according to "Gazzetta dello Sport," the report, not only participated in the Ravitch's Mancini Transfers work, Inter host Xituoxier also personally intervene the matter. It is reported that Tuoxi Er flew to Doha to watch the game, "Gazzetta dello Sport" speculate he may participate in the discussions on the transfer Ravitch. Also 托希尔 and Chairman of the Greater Paris Nasser were met, which may also have little impact on the Ravitch transfer.

But Ravitch's transfer was not easy, according to earlier media reports, Ravitch hope to get a salary of up to € 6,000,000 contracts, which is not a small sum of Inter. Such inter asking Ravitch also had to consider the alternatives, "Rai Sport" broke the news that Inter Milan are ready to re-pursue Edel.

Edel currently playing for Sampdoria, the 29-year-old Sampdoria striker this season the team has scored 10 goals, and he is also a member of the Italian national team. Earlier this summer, Inter Milan had to pursue over Edel, but later the Nerazzurri introduction of Vidic and Ljajic and other offensive players. "Rai Sport" revealed that although Chairman Pete Ferrero has repeatedly said Edel is not for sale, but Inter still want to sign Eder, Eder transfer in Chinese rice might add Changyouyoudou, Thornton or one of them a lot.

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